Title IX Compliance

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in education. Sex discrimination includes sexual harassment and sexual assault. While it is often thought of as a law that applies to athletics programs, Title IX is much broader than athletics and applies to many programs at public and private school systems as well as colleges and universities. We provide specific, targeted services in this key area* Download Title IX Compliance Flyer (PDF)

Investigations of Title IX Violations

including sexual harassment, sex discrimination, bullying, cyber-bullying, hazing, stalking, sexual assault, and other misconduct by students, faculty, employees, visitors, and other related on and off-campus issues

  • Prompt on-site investigations
  • Written reports
  • Testimony/presentation of findings to hearings
    and review panels
  • Recommendations for remedial actions
Audits of Title IX Compliance Programs and Plans
  • Conduct audits for educational institution to assess current Title IX compliance and readiness
  • Facilitate audits/investigations with Department of Education/Office of Civil Rights

Title IX Training and Education


  • Custom curriculum development
  • Platform presentation to small or large groups of faculty, administrators, students as part of broader Title IX compliance program

  • Topics include:
    • Title IX Overview
    • Title IX Coordinator Duties
    • Conducting Complaint Investigations
Remedial Action Implementation

One-on-one custom designed training for faculty
member or student, as part of remedial action in response to investigation of misconduct allegations

Policy Development
  • Draft educational institution policies related to
    Title IX compliance
  • Edit and revise existing Title IX policies for
    educational institutions

* Certifications in Conducting Title IX Investigations, Advanced Investigations, and K-12 Title IX Coordinator and Administrator Certification from the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA)



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Title IX Compliance




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